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Gregory Eaton    917 916-4686

Weekday services, weddings, funerals, lessons 

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John Wassmuth, BMus   856-649-2837

Helen Wiley, MM   706-615-1283

Job Openings

 Triumphant Love Lutheran Austin

Interim  organist, Jan. 1 thru June 9, 2019. One Sunday worship service, one  choir rehearsal on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm. May become permanent position.  New Johannus Ecclesia 3-manual organ in January. Contact for job description and application.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Beaumont TX

Director of Music Ministry, salary $35k to $40k.

Plan,  develop and implement wide range of musical expiences for welcoming and  missional community. Proficiency in piano & keyboard and Bachelor's  degree in music or demonstrated experience. Schantz pipe organ,  Steinway grand, harpsichord, timpani, handbells. Opportunity to  establish a music academy. Send cover letter, resume and references to  Bart Gaskin at

 (409) 504-8577

Mount Olive Lutheran Hwy 290W Austin

Part-time  organist/choir director for 8:00am Sunday traditional service and  special holiday services. Accompany soloists and instrumentalists and  possibly play keyboard in the 10:30am contemporary service praise band.  1925 Estey pipe organ, II/32. Salary negotiable with education,  experience and responsibilities. Contact Karen Harris at

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Austin

Organist  for 2 masses/1 rehearsal weekly with one additional mass and rehearsal  monthly, plus Holy Days and seasonal serices. 3-manual walker digital  organ (2012). $21,000 annual salary. Contact Director of Music Benjamin  Balleza at

Bethany United Methodist Austin

Part-time  organinst/pianist for 3,000-member church in NW Austin. Two traditional  Sunday services; accompany 70-voice Chancel Choir, Women's Ensemble,  orchestra and vocalists. Wednesday and Thursday night rehearsals. Salary  negotiable. Contact Curt Olson, Director of Music Ministries at

First Austin (Baptist)

Downtown Austin

Full-time  Minister of Music responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating  music and liturgy in collaboration with the Senior Pastor. Conduct  Sanctuary Choir and other ensembles; supervise the teaching of  children's, youth and handbell choirs; develop long term goals. Master's  degree is required, with either the Master or Undergraduate degree in  music or music education, as is 5 years' experience conducting large and  small choirs at a medium-sized or larger church. Send cover letter,  resume and references to

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